Friday, August 15, 2014

A story from PCH to share

Hello Jessica,

I have a story for youJ! Social Worker Christa come to pick up 5 kits this morning and told me she had just given her last one out to a mom who had come to PCH with her 16yr old football player son, mom declined the kit said she was able to bring in a few things but the 16yr old asked if he could have it since he came to us straight from the football field, Christa obliged, he then asked Christa if she would please tell Devin thank you for my gift”.  Christa thought it was so precious that his big football player was kind enough to give thanks to the giver of his giftJ!

Thought you’d enjoy the story J!

Sheila Rider, Administrative Assistant
Social Service Department

It just warms my heart to hear these stories.   Almost as good as Devin being here.  Almost.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014


The trademark of Devin's Gift, Inc.'s brand continues one step closer to being finalized.  It is being posted in the government's trademark publications.

Thank you Jaburg & Wilk

Jaburg & Wilk celebrated its 30th Anniversary by having a charity donation.  As a result of their celebration Jaburg & Wilk raised over $1,000 for Devin's Gift!  Thank you Jaburg & Wilk and its employees for all of its continued support!

God Bless!

Jessica Van Douser